On Humans and other Animals


Animals and humans co-evolved. This means that animals and humans have lived side by side together in society for many thousands of years. 

Yes, this means cats (hunting mice and rodents) and dogs (hunting everything), but also animals like cows (food), horses (transportation) and sheep and on and on and on.

So people have lived with, and worked with animals for a long time.

If there is a single thing that stokes the flames of my brilliantly hot hatred of humanity, it is that people do not understand animals.

Animals are not fucking soulless robots, and they are not automatons,  By “animals” I mean mammals, ie., creatures that are warm-blooded, care for their young, and hunt and play socially. Mammals have emotions like fear, sadness, anger and happiness and they care about their pack (group/family). 

People that abuse and mistreat animals are scalding cauldrons of rotten feces in human skin. I would experience exactly zero moral guilt were I tasked with the opportunity of slowly eating the faces of those who disregard the well-being of non-human animals.

Most of you festering fucks that don’t care about animals are religious imbeciles. Religion, especially Christianity, has propagated the idea that humans have “dominion” over the resources of Earth, including animals. Meaning, basically, that we can do whatever the hell we want because sky daddy gave us a widdle present. Fuck you empty-headed excuses for breathing entities, and take your Bible and shove it so far up your quivering, authority fearing assholes that you get ink stains on the back of your throat. Yea, you, religious people. Fuck off about now.

Now, now, settle yourself, reasonable reader. I have no grudge here against religion AS SUCH (Jainism is quite decent to animals), only certain religious passages which have been politicized. Secondly, not all religious people disregard animal welfare. Thirdly, ALL people are irredeemably useless shittards, so let’s stop pretending like it matters to split these hairs.

But people in general, even you, you left-wing Liberal, under-estimate the massive profundity of non-human mammal thinking. In order to hunt together, you have to be able to imagine the thoughts of others in your own mind, so that you can think about them, and respond in a way that makes social sense. Humans do this, of course, but so do ALL MAMMALS, and this means that their mental lives are vastly more complex and emotional than you have ever cared to realize (however simpler than our own it may be).

But, you can’t be blamed. You, along with the rest of your wretched human brethren merely lumber along, stupidly and excitedly, taming and enslaving animals by the millions; never a care or a concern as to their experiences, as to their lost connections, and fears. 

Am I overly soft on this? Do I care too much for animals? Can I be one and the same as someone so passionately filled to the brim with contempt for humanity? 

Yes, I can. Humans may have the mental technology to erect elaborate structures of bizarre stupidity and call them “societies”. But they also can and do, with their every breath, rip the care and dignity from others. Were humans truly as “intelligent” as we say, there wouldn’t be half the suffering which exists. 

On behalf of mammals everywhere: humanity, you cannot die soon enough.


Misanthropy is a Suit of Armor Lined with Thorns

The title of this post is a quote from Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, a 19th century writer of no significant intellect. Nevertheless, the quote gave me pause. Here’s why:

Hating other humans, as is required of any clear-thinking, non-mentally-retarded person, brings with it a suite of negative emotions. Every time I leave my house, I am confronted with the stares and looks of hideous humans, which I must endure, as we all must. Luckily, the savages rarely speak to me, and when they do we keep our collectively barbaric commentary and conversation to a merciful minimum.

Misanthropy hurts; it is sometimes hard to hate humanity. It is tiring to be so vigilantly fearful and cynically skeptical of the motives of others. Yet, it is required of us. Humans are such venomous and entirely moronic serpents that our guard must constantly be up. It is unfortunate that this be the case, but only idiots would be trusting and friendly toward the rot that is humanity.

Humans are sharks and lions– they are predators. Their alliances are temporary and contingent and their wrath is all consuming.

Maybe misanthropy is un-enjoyable, but this is only because reality is un-enjoyable. Mother Nature doesn’t give a fuck about human happiness.On this, Mother Nature and I agree.


Anti-Drug Laws Assume Living Life Soberly is Enjoyable

Living life soberly is not enjoyable.

The shittiness of existence is literally unimaginable. Think of the trillions of people since the dawn of our species who have lived in complete, illiterate ignorance and utter poverty while praising a god who obviously couldn’t give a fuck and, moreover, was a figment of their decrepit, inept imaginations. Then come to more modern times where babies die of the AIDS virus, which they contracted from their disgusting mothers in-utero, within months of their birth. Oh, and don’t you dare forget all of the “successful” people working 80+ hours a week in finance, law or medicine who one day will be able to afford a drab, horrifically unimaginative tract home and an unfaithful spouse with a penchant for nice things. Whether it’s utter religious idiocy or sophisticated materialism, most humans are driven towards the powerfully stupid and worthless. It is befitting of them, of course.

After someone who is sufficiently intelligent and broken has seen enough of this boiling cauldron of acidic incompetence we call “human life,” he/she may come to the entirely sensible conclusion that life is not worth living when one is sober. The searing pain of betrayal, the stomach-dropping sense of dread upon the recognition of profound failure and, above all, the unnerving and overwhelming feeling of boredom upon interaction with one’s fellows and family is the mark of life. Happiness is fleeting and forgettable whereas the everyday is bludgeoning in its mediocre continuity.

Only drugs can save us. The more psychoactive, the better. Marijuana is obvious, of course. But LSD, mushrooms, MDMA, PCP, whatever.Even alcohol will do; alcohol is a friend of mine, I don’t mean to forget her. I have not tried many of these drugs I’ve listed, but that is only because I have no access. I am fed up with life and merely wait, moment to moment, for a good time to end it all. Yet, I am a coward, imprisoned in this skin which traps my own desire to harm myself. Drugs provide a better way, indeed, a more nuanced, creative and novel way. Instead of wishing and waiting for the end of one’s life, perhaps the profound altering of it is preferable.

So, until the blissful end of existence, I await my next period of intoxication. She, intoxication, that is, brings me new perspectives and new perceptions which render existence only slightly more bearable. And, for this, I love her.

The Illusion of Meaning Something to Someone

We all seek partnerships in one way or another. Mostly, we seek romantic partnerships because these involve sex which is undoubtedly worth the bullshit we often put up with.

For a time, that is.

Science has decided what “love” is. Love is the stimulating of reward circuitry in the brain, driven by neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which flood our self-awareness with incredibly intense feelings of warmth and security. These feelings provide the contexts for other feelings, like openness and protectiveness, all of which give our lives meaning.

But these neurotransmitters, and the reward circuits they exploit, are non-discriminating. They just want you to blow your seed (if you’re a guy) or pick a safe, strong and committed provider (if you’re a girl). I know this seems dichotomous, and simplistic, but it’s biology and we need to just be honest with ourselves at some point.

So, the misty romanticism we all seek hides a simplistic chemical circuitry imbued in all mammals.

The intensity you feel for that new girl who talks to you late at night, and who sucks your dick, is duplicable with any similarly attractive female. That deeply moving sense of commitment you feel towards your new wife is duplicable with any similarly fertile and healthy, attractive young female. It is not unique, but it feels unique. If it felt inauthentic and off, that is, a bit fake, you wouldn’t be so excited to blow your seed in her. If nothing less, you’d blow it in her less often. And women, you’d seek that sex, and that commitment and that attention a little less feverishly.

It fucking pains me to write this. It is obvious if you are savvy, or barely discernible if you are an educated idiot. It is inaccessible if you are a fool. I don’t write for any particular audience, because I can’t be bothered with the specific concerns of a specific sub-set of the festering lot of humanity.

Meaning is wired in our brain to come in romantic flavors, but once you see the ingredients of this elixir it loses more than its luster, it loses its value.

Different Jobs, Different Ways to be Worthless

Humans are insidiously marked by the occuations they choose. After 10 or so years in one occupation (let alone 30 years or more) the day-in, day-out responsibilities begin to shape you. They make you a piece of shit.

Here’s how:

If your job is menial and sad, than you will be a rule-following, authority-fearing slug of an organism. By “menial and sad” I mean, of course, that your job requires low levels of education and pays minimum wage or a little above minimum wage. I also don’t care if you are a manager at one of these shitholes–you still have a job which is menial (that is, completely irrelevant) and sad. Jobs like this include working, in any capacity, at Mcdonalds or any other fast food chain, Old Navy or any clothing chain, any grocery store or department store and/or any other retail/restaurant/hospitality work.

If you work in one of these jobs, you live (and have lived) a basically worthless life. You spend 8 hours of your day (at least) serving and catering to other morons like yourself. You no doubt also have some superior/manager/boss who is always breathing down your neck and telling you what to do.


Somehow, even though this life is not worth living, you still wake up every morning. You might feel, also, like you have “opinions” about things like politics and/or religion and/or life in general. In fact, however, your mind has the processing power of dog feces, and you are utterly incapable of interpreting your life, let alone reality in general. Why is this? It’s because you are not educated, probably not very smart anyway, and too normative in your thinking–partly on account of your stupidity, but also because your shallow financial life has never afforded you the ability to think outside of your drab little world of poverty and public subservience. You have had no real opportunity in life, and probably have no real talent. This is why your job is embarrassing– but so, too, are the thoughts you think and the opinions you have. You are probably fairly politically conservative and somewhat religious. These are marks of your lowly intellect, but you cannot appreciate them as such because of the suffocating/blinding effects of stone-cold stupidity.

Another set of occupations offer more autonomy and creativity, as well as higher wages. I’m not talking about typical “white collar” workers, who toil in cubicles for software companies. No, those human roaches are more like the menial, service workers discussed above. I mean here to talk about more high-prestige professions like law, medicine, and science.

Many lawyers, doctors, college professors (of which I am one), and the like consider themselves fantastically accomplished, open-minded and competent. Certainly, compared to ditch diggers, construction workers, tree-trimmers and gas station owners, these “high-prestige” occupations produce VASTLY more valuable people, if by “valuable” we mean ‘smarter,’ and ‘more creative’ and ‘less worthless’.

The problem is that high prestige occupations also produce people with high self-esteem. And this is ALWAYS demoralizing because people, no matter what their job/income, are so disgusting and hideous that any ‘illusion’ of superiority must be revealed as such. Doctors, lawyers and college professors are just children of upper-middle class parents, who ushered their children into better schools, and encouraged them to take on expensive pursuits, for example, graduate or law school. Poor kids can’t afford these avenues, and so they get to dig ditches instead.

Doctors, lawyers and college professors are not smart people. Some are, but like most humanity, most are profound buffoons with immense egos and empty minds. They sound confident and are often assertive, but this is largely because the average un-educated idiot is incapable of telling the difference between assertively spoken bullshit and honest competence. Beyond this, most of these people forgo building families and deep social networks because they must chase the next opportunity to be upwardly mobile, wherever this might take them (geographically or socially). Thus, the most successful people in our society are usually the least social, and wait the longest before bothering to have a family and find non-monetary meaning in life.

Were I one day tasked with the delicious mission to eradicate all of humanity, I wouldn’t know who to kill first: menial, uneducated workers or entitled, arrogant professionals? It’s exciting to have the choice to kill both, of course, but I’m honestly on the fence as to which group is more representative of human filth.

Mission Statement

This blog will be your last stop on the road to misanthropy. It is a shabby, unkempt fueling station for disdain and hurt.

My parents had sex to produce me because both were broken and defeated, in need of a reason to give a shit. I’ve grown up in a world of constant disappointment and pathetic inadequacy.

My hatred of others extends effortlessly to a hatred of myself. As a human being, I and the rest of my wretched kind are the among the most wicked animals conceivable—blindly driven by base, animalistic needs yet equipped with a frontal cortex capable of vast nefariousness and elaborate stupidity.

The fountain of my human disdain never runs dry. Each new morning is but a prelude to the inevitable onslaught of human bullshit and failure which characterizes each day.

As a first post, this will remain parsimonious. You should know only two things: (1) I know more than you about everything, and (2) I hate humanity more than you can reasonably conceive of. You might think you are brighter than I am, or hate humanity more, but you are almost certainly wrong. Please leave a comment on posts that intrigue or bother you. I’ll be the judge of your mental competence—which is in no way contingent on me agreeing with you. If you take these two assumptions on board (even if only tentatively), you will see that I have much to teach you before being blissfully whisked off to my own death, which cannot come soon enough.

Prepare to enter the mind of the world’s most cynical misanthrope.